The Union Fashion Developer Blog

This blog is dedicated to telling the story of our API-first operations, helping dive into the details of how we are operating our business.

Pushing Forward Our AWS API Deployment

In an effort to better map out API deployment practices at Union Fashion we wanted to write up and share the current outline for our leading AWS deployment collection, and work to explain it in plain terms so that it is accessible to more of our.. read more

We Are API-First at Union Fashion

One phrase you hear thrown around a lot in the API sector is API-First. It is a catchy phrase, but what does it mean? Well, at Union Fashion we have worked to provide our team with a definition of what it means, something that is rooted in read more

A Well Defined API Lifecycle

We wanted to invest in API governance at Union Fashion, but as soon as we began defining what we were going to measure we realized that we couldn’t measure we wasn’t defined. To help us be able to measure, track, discuss, and improve on how we d.. read more

The Infrastructure Behind Union Fashion

Providing APIs at Union Fashion always begins with the consumption of 3rd party APIs. We realize that APIs aren’t just for delivering web and mobile applications but are also for delivering APIs. To help developers be more efficient in the deliv.. read more

Hello World Union Fashion Developers

Welcome to Union Fashion, an API-first space inspired e-commerce implementation from Postman. The project was born out of our solutions group, but is being pushed forward as part of a public effort to evolve it as a reference implementation for .. read more

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