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This is the API for searching across Union Fashion resources, providing a single place you can go to search across everything we are offering. Allowing us to keep everything on the Union Platform easy to find, and discoverable by default.


Team Page - The team behind this API, access is required to view team page.
Workspace Page - The dedicated workspaces behind the development of this API, access is required to view team page.
GitHub Repo - This is the dedicated repo behind this API, providing a single location where you can find information and artifacts.


OpenAPI - This is the OpenAPI for this API, providing a single source of truth regarding what this API does. All collections are derived from this OpenAPI contract, and kept in sync with it using validation.
Collection - This is the Postman collection for this API, allowing consumers to quickly put to work in their clients, pipelines, and other tooling, helping drive multiple stops along the lifecycle.
Environment - This is the environment for this API, providing the base url, api key, an dother essential secrets and variables that can be used when making requests to this API via the collection provided.


Documentation - This is the documenation available for this API, which is generated fro the OpenAPI for this API, but maintained separately to publish documentation and provide mock servers for this API.
Run in Postman - This is a Run in Postman button which allows you to instantly load this API into your local Postman client. You will need to signup or login and obtain an API key before you can make a call, but this should help you get up and running.


Activity - The activity around each API, providing details of what structural and operational changes have been made to an API, its workspace, and other important elements about what is happening.
History - The history of requests made across collections that are generated from APIs, and are published for mocks, documentation, and used to define contract, integration, and other testing.
Issues - All of the issues that are tracked for this API, leveraging GitHub issues as the central feedback loop for features, bugs, enhancements, and other relevant aspects of the feedback loop.