Hello World Union Fashion Developers


Welcome to Union Fashion, an API-first space inspired e-commerce implementation from Postman. The project was born out of our solutions group, but is being pushed forward as part of a public effort to evolve it as a reference implementation for how to do multi-cloud API first. We got tired of having many different demos for our workshops and webinars and thought it would be helpful to have a more established reference for everything API we were talking about. Union Fashion is the result.

Union Fashion is an open project being conducted via GitHub, building everything out in the open for others to learn from. Our goal is to help demonstrate what we mean by API-first using an example of a business that a wide audience would understand, and encourage our audience to contribute ideas, and even roll up their sleeves and help us build out Union Fashion. Everything here is a work in progress, which you can tune into via the Union Fashion GitHub organization, with the home page for everything available via the README for the home GitHub repository.

We are working hard to build out Union Fashion to support specific webinars and other storytelling, but we will also be actively building APIs, tooling, and overall strategy over time using GitHub and Postman. Union Fashion will contain the blueprints for doing everything we are talking about, and we will work to make things as open, accessible, and easy to implement as we have time for. Our mission is to make all of this as usable as possible, making everything we do a learning opportunity for Postman users, as well as the wider public.

Our goal is to establish the primary blog for Union Fashion as a source of information about API-first, the API lifecyle, and API governance for our non-technical audience, and we will be using this blog for publishing more technical posts about how this all works. It is important that we reach as wide as possible audience with this work demonstrating one of the most important ingredients for API-first, which is that business and technical folks all work together to deliver the infrastructure we need to power our applications and integrations.