Union Fashion Developers

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This is where you will find everything you need to build web and mobile applications, as well as integrate Union Fashion products and services into your business operations. Allowing internal, partners and 3rd party developers to build what they need using Union Fashion digital resources.


This is the API for baskets that are used as part of e-commerce on websites and mobile applications. Providing customers with the ability to add products to a wish list or a cart if they intend on purchasing the items, allowing them to put things in the basket and checkout whenever they want. (view details)


This is the API for the Union Fashion order system. Developing our own API for creating, accessing, and fulfilling orders that are placed with our customers. Providing us with the ability to order via our website and mobile applications, but also something we open up to our trusted partners. (view details)


This is the API for working with the people that use Union Fashion. Our goal is to engage with as many different people as possible helping educate about the API lifecycle, as well as Postman. We will be tracking as little information as possible, but will use a central for all our keeping track of all the people we engage with. (view details)


This is the API for the Union Fashion product catalog, providing read and write access to all of the products we are making available via our website, mobile, and partner applications. This page should give developers everything they need to get started using this API, while also look behind how this API is being developed. (view details)


This is the API for searching across Union Fashion resources, providing a single place you can go to search across everything we are offering. Allowing us to keep everything on the Union Platform easy to find, and discoverable by default. (view details)